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Interesting Development... A Response from Hedman Alas, at long last... UPDATED

So if you remember, two friends that came to visit me, Miguel and Arcelia, and myself, got robbed on a bus December 2006 in Honduras. Since then, I've been back and forth with Hedman Alas bus line in regards to how its investigation was handled, and its horrifically feeble attempt to compensate us for our losses.

More than a year later, today, I get an email from one of the Hedmans, who attempted to respond to my posting linked above, which I posted almost a YEAR AGO TO THE DAY. I'm inserting his email, then I will paste in my email response to him that I just sent him. More on this as it develops...

----- Original Message ----

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Meet the New Andiamo!

The New Andiamo!

That's right, after two long weeks in the yard, Andiamo is back in the water with a COMPLETELY new look. Long gone is the weatherbeaten blue. In its place is a beautiful light pearl grey paint finish that is just awesome, in my humble opinion.

There are nice new navy blue stripes and the lettering has been updated with a beautiful hand-drawn calligraphic face (good job Senor Picasso!). The boat is now much cooler too! Can you tell I'm really happy?

I have a few updates to put up regarding the project, and things that happened during that time. I'll backdate to put everything in chronological order as much as possible. Read on, and you'll see them. I also put up pics in the gallery of the whole project.

It's just nice to be back in the water again, with Andiamo lookin' sharp.

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The work slowly begins...

Now that the holidays are well passed, things are back to apparent normal here in Cartagena. People are ready to work again, and things are taking a normal pace and routine. The holiday hangover here lasted a good week before you started seeing any real normalcy again. In town the xmas decorations are slowly coming down, and you can tell that some people just don't want to let go.

As for me, I'm back in projects mode and things are in motion. I've nailed down a good paint crew and yard time for Andiamo's latest refit. This coming Monday, Andiamo should be out of the water, for the third time in a year. And for about the next 10 days, be getting a nice new paint job on her hull. It's much needed, that's for sure. It will be really nice if only because I will be changing the color to a lighter color that will make her a cooler boat. The dark blue hull now, while very attractive in its original luster, just absorbs way too much heat. The boat stays hot because of it.

I also think that Andiamo's new look will be a refreshing change. Other projects are in the works, but I want to get the paint job done first. I'll be working on some other things while the painting is being done, just general improvements and fixes.

It's going to be interesting...

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Cartagena, here we come, Cartagena, here we come... Pt 3

After a brisk sail out of Rio Chagres and around Colon, we made it to Portobelo. The trip entailed dodging several container ships and tankers that were making their way in and out of colon's harbor and the entrance to the Panama Canal. The weather was good the whole day, so it made leaving the Rio Chagres that morning easy. The winds stayed good for most of the trip. it was nice to have an easy close reach sail.

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Cartagena, here we come, Cartagena, here we come... Pt. 2

Our night in Escudo proved to be fairly uncomfortable. There was just too much swell action going on and the boat rolled constantly. It was ok when trying to sleep, but for everything else like cooking and squaring the boat away, it was just too much movement.

Our next stop was the Rio Chagres, about 130 miles away. So to time our arrival for the next morning, we didn't have to leave until that afternoon. The weather got better as the day progressed, and I was encouraged by a West Wind that was blowing pretty steadily all morning. This would be the perfect wind to get us to Chagres on a nice easy broad reach.

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Tony goes to a Big Fat Guatemalan Wedding...

I barely made the flight out of Bocas to head to Guatemala City. The weather's been iffy, and the flights in and out have been getting delayed and/or cancelled like crazy. Luckily, my flight was just delayed a couple of hours, and I got out in time. I had a few hours' layover in Panama City. So I made arrangements to meet up with Liz and Margaux, 2 Belgian sisters I knew from Bocas. They were biding some time before flying off in different directions. Margaux was heading back home to Belgium and Liz, interestingly enough, was heading up to Antigua. So that means I'd probably see her there too.

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Trying to get to Cartagena, and the price I pay for fake salsa dancing...

So things are coming together for the Cartagena trip. I'd rounded up a good group of people for passengers, and a new buddy Joe tells me he thinks he's up for crewing. With all this coming together, I made a last-minute decision to fly up to Guatemala next weekend for a GC Gang wedding I'd been invited. Rosi, one of the esteemed GC Gang elite, is tying the knot on the 10th. Mitzy, and Moni (from Utila) will be there as well.

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