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New Photo Gallery Online!

Just an announcement to let everyone know that I've installed a new photo gallery program on the site. All pics will be displayed via this gallery from now on. I'll be putting the rest of the Europe photos up on this gallery. Check it out if you haven't already, it's very cool! Just CLICK HERE! This photos category will remain on the blog with all its existing entries as they are now.

And how about the new touches on the site? Pretty nice, eh? A big thanks to Mietsie for her great work!

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting.

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A few days in Hamburg...

Hamburg was an interesting contrast to Berlin. It's a port town, and much rougher around the edges than Berlin. I had a great time with Maike and her friends, though I didn't get to hang out with Maike too much due to the fact that she had to work alot during a major bike race that was going on at the time. But good times nonetheless.

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Memories of Berlin...

Gotta say that I had an excellent time getting to know Berlin. Miriam and Tobi were phenomenal hosts (who I continue to thank profusely), and took lots of time showing me around. I just got so much more out of being there than I could have ever expected. I look forward to seeing Berlin again soon.

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Summertime in the City of Light...

Here are some shots of the time Mietsie and I spent in Paris on one of our side jaunts. During the four days we spent in Paris, the weather was great, and there was life everywhere. Truly one of my most memorable times in this timeless city...

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Here are some shots of the time Mietsie and I spent in Barcelona in July. The weather was awesome, the city was alive, the paella was fantastic, and I won a bunch of money playing poker. What more can you ask for? :D

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Blasts from the past in Holland...

The visit to Holland was quite multi-faceted. First, Raf and I went up to Utrecht and met up with our ol' buddy Frederik, who was back in Holland working his cruising kitty back up to a usable level after his horrendous Hurricane Ivan episode. Then, from there, I went up to Amsterdam for quick stop, and then down to Veneendaal to visit Nathalie, an ex-girlfriend of mine, and her family. Then from there I headed up to Rotterdam for one night to visit Lotte and Pauline, aka the self-proclaimed "Dutch Bitches". It was a strange, fun, and sometimes painful visit, but I'm glad I did it.

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The Andiamo Belgian contingent reunion...

So, once I got to Hasselt from London, several Belgian Andiamo alumni and I were able to get together for some good times. With the exception of Queen Roz, and Miet's friends Steven and Saartje (who were still traveling in South America), everyone else was present. Raf, Mietsie, Miet, Cil, all met up for dinner and drinks at a local Hasselt cafe on a nice summer evening.

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