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Final Season's sail in Lago Izabal

These are pics of our last sail through Lago Izabal before tying up Andiamo in Rio Dulce for the rest of the summer (and hurricane season). Mahia stayed on as crew, and a day later, Miet and her friends Steven and Saartje joined us from Frontreras. It was to be a wonderful three day sail, where we saw awesome breezes, amazing sunsets, fierce thunderstorms and other wonders. And despite one big and stupid foible on my part, the experience continued unfettered. Here's to good sailing, good friends, old and new, and everything else that Andiamo stands for.

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Back to Rio Dulce... with the Sea Cadets!

So with a first-ever crew of born Americans, we set off for Rio Dulce on May 19th, we set sail for Rio Dulce, Guatemala. The trip took 17 hours, and all fared well. We even had some splendid onboard entertainment thanks to Katherine, who broke out her guitar and sang her whole repertoire of original songs for us as we mostly steamed for Guatemala. Everyone handled their watches well, and the trip went flawlessly. Heck even during our entry into the river's shallow bar at peak high tide, Andiamo didn't touch the bottom once (Another first!).

Without further adieu...

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One last party sail before leaving Utila!

The time had come, and it was time for Andiamo to leave Utila. But not before we had one last big sail day. About 10 people from around the island came. Monica and Claire pretty much threw it together, and off we went at noon on the sunday before Andiamo was to leave Utila. Karen, the dive instructor who so diligently took care of the cats while Andiamo was in the yard, also came along. And, she brought along Mahia, who ended up becoming one of the infamous "Sea Cadets", and crewed with Andiamo back to Rio Dulce.

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Andiamo's Yard time, and Copan

So in early May, Andiamo had to go into the boatyard to get some work done on her bottom and rudder. She was set to stay in the yard for about a week (actually ended up being 10 days). So with the cats comfortably being taken care of in Utila, I was free to go exploring around Honduras for awhile. There wasn't much to stay around La Ceiba for, so a trip out to Copan was in order. I found out that Lotte and Pauline were there, so we coordinated to meet up while I was there. Then we went over to San Pedro Sula for another while, before we'd part ways again.

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Miet and Linda Invade Utila!!!

Well, not really. It was to be Miet's 2nd visit aboard Andiamo, her first time being when she and her then traveling mate, Miriam came up the Rio Dulce with us from Livingston. Shortly after Lotte and Pauline left Andiamo for Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and so on, Miet and her fellow school volunteer, Linda (from Holland), came aboard for a week. They were in Utila to get PADI-certified, among other things.

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Adventures with Lotte and Pauline...

These pics cover the time that Lotte and Pauline crewed aboard Andiamo. With them as crew, Andiamo got to Cayos Cochinos, Roatan, and we almost made it to Guanaja (long story, read the post about it!). In fact, Lotte took most of these pics! They came aboard knowing next to nothing about sailing, and ended up becoming very able sailors in a short time. Not to mention that Andiamo got slammed with the worst weather we've seen at sea, and the girls handled it with aplomb. Most surprising to me were their excellent attitudes when things did go hairy.

I'm proud of them, and we had some great times onboard Andiamo, despite the many challenges.

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March 21, 2005 - You had to be there.

NOTE: This is a repost of the original pics taken on my birthday in Utila. Due to a horrendous server move, several posts of mine went bye-bye. This is one of them. I'm going to try to bring up the rest of pics in as chronological order as possible.

My birthday in Utila was an incredible day for me. The people around were people I'd known for mere months or weeks, yet I felt oddly at home with all of them. Utila was a place that has become very dear to me because of the way I got to spend this day on the island. Without further adieu, I want to take this moment to post up the photos of this very special time for me....

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