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Tony goes to a Big Fat Guatemalan Wedding...

I barely made the flight out of Bocas to head to Guatemala City. The weather's been iffy, and the flights in and out have been getting delayed and/or cancelled like crazy. Luckily, my flight was just delayed a couple of hours, and I got out in time. I had a few hours' layover in Panama City. So I made arrangements to meet up with Liz and Margaux, 2 Belgian sisters I knew from Bocas. They were biding some time before flying off in different directions. Margaux was heading back home to Belgium and Liz, interestingly enough, was heading up to Antigua. So that means I'd probably see her there too.

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Trying to get to Cartagena, and the price I pay for fake salsa dancing...

So things are coming together for the Cartagena trip. I'd rounded up a good group of people for passengers, and a new buddy Joe tells me he thinks he's up for crewing. With all this coming together, I made a last-minute decision to fly up to Guatemala next weekend for a GC Gang wedding I'd been invited. Rosi, one of the esteemed GC Gang elite, is tying the knot on the 10th. Mitzy, and Moni (from Utila) will be there as well.

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Andiamo Log

The Andiamo is currently sailing in the Western Caribbean, but that's subject to change without notice. By the way, "Andiamo" means "Let's go" in Italian.

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