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Meet the New Andiamo!

The New Andiamo!

That's right, after two long weeks in the yard, Andiamo is back in the water with a COMPLETELY new look. Long gone is the weatherbeaten blue. In its place is a beautiful light pearl grey paint finish that is just awesome, in my humble opinion.

There are nice new navy blue stripes and the lettering has been updated with a beautiful hand-drawn calligraphic face (good job Senor Picasso!). The boat is now much cooler too! Can you tell I'm really happy?

I have a few updates to put up regarding the project, and things that happened during that time. I'll backdate to put everything in chronological order as much as possible. Read on, and you'll see them. I also put up pics in the gallery of the whole project.

It's just nice to be back in the water again, with Andiamo lookin' sharp.

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The work slowly begins...

Now that the holidays are well passed, things are back to apparent normal here in Cartagena. People are ready to work again, and things are taking a normal pace and routine. The holiday hangover here lasted a good week before you started seeing any real normalcy again. In town the xmas decorations are slowly coming down, and you can tell that some people just don't want to let go.

As for me, I'm back in projects mode and things are in motion. I've nailed down a good paint crew and yard time for Andiamo's latest refit. This coming Monday, Andiamo should be out of the water, for the third time in a year. And for about the next 10 days, be getting a nice new paint job on her hull. It's much needed, that's for sure. It will be really nice if only because I will be changing the color to a lighter color that will make her a cooler boat. The dark blue hull now, while very attractive in its original luster, just absorbs way too much heat. The boat stays hot because of it.

I also think that Andiamo's new look will be a refreshing change. Other projects are in the works, but I want to get the paint job done first. I'll be working on some other things while the painting is being done, just general improvements and fixes.

It's going to be interesting...

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Andiamo Log

The Andiamo is currently sailing in the Western Caribbean, but that's subject to change without notice. By the way, "Andiamo" means "Let's go" in Italian.

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