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Here are some shots of the time Mietsie and I spent in Barcelona in July. The weather was awesome, the city was alive, the paella was fantastic, and I won a bunch of money playing poker. What more can you ask for? :D

Me crashed at the airport

La Rambla

Another shot of La Rambla, with Mietsie...

Me buying smoothies at a place close to our hotel.

Mietsie walking down La Rambla

Statue people on La Rambla

Old guy dancing to dixieland

Barcelona's waterfront park and promenade.

The beach at Barcelona looking towards the former Olympic Village.

An 'Arc de Triomphe' looking structure at a waterfront park in Barcelona, but made out of shipping containers.

Some of the megayachts at the harbor.

Mietsie out cold on the beach

Mietsie wolfing down her breakfast

Me doin' my thing at breakfast.

Olympic Marina

The fountain garden and pools of the Olympic Village.

The 'fish' structure by Frank Gehry

Just lazin on the beach...

Walking up the beach.

Mietsie trying to take a picture of us while walking.

Me eating Paella, it was soooo good.. and so messy.

Walking along the main harborfront, which had changed alot since my last visit in the 80's.

One of the many sidestreets off La Rambla loaded with shops and cafes.

A samba band playing by the beach

More of the samba band

Mietsie as we ventured Barcelona by night, seemingly having a grand ol' time.

Me checking out a cutlery store off La Rambla.

Me checking out the boats again.

Mietsie munching out at the airport

Mietsie and me before getting on the plane.

Us at the baggage claim back in Brussels

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