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Aretha, Queen


Name: Aretha
Rank: Queen
Primary duty: Keep the other cats in line.

Aretha, was born somewhere in Orlando in 1993. She came into my possession as a kitten who was rejected by her mom. She had an attitude early on. She lost an eye several years back when she was hit by a car. It only adds to her crusty, "old broad" mystique. She's seen it all, and done it all. Don't try to put one over on her. She's sassy, bitchy, and moody and makes no apologies. She's earned the right to do what she wants, at least she thinks so. If she's in a good mood, she'll let you pet her for about a minute.

Aretha became one with the sea on October 19, 2007 after a short battle with an intestinal obstruction. She has left her mark on Andiamo in more ways than one. She has been part of my life for well over 15 years, and I thank her for all the memories, the good, the bad, and the messy. She will be SORELY missed.

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