Tony Cosmo Aretha Lucy Karen


Name: Cosmo
Rank: Mate
Primary Duty: Whining

Cosmo, was born in Los Angeles in 1997. He came from a pet shop that was giving out free kittens. It was easy to see early on why he was put up for adoption. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed. He is needy, begs for attention at every turn, and loves to whine for no apparent reason. Even at his age and supposed maturity, he still has trouble understanding the mechanics and purpose of the litter box.

NOTE: Cosmo has chosen to abandon ship and now calls Rio Dulce, Guatemala home. He is assumed to be much happier on terra firma, and the Andiamo is definitely much cleaner. Nonetheless, he will be missed. Thanks Cosmo, for all the memories, fun, clean and otherwise.

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